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Jackson Planning are at the forefront of Passivhaus development in Wiltshire, having built the first certified Passivhaus in the county. Planning permission was gained for standard construction and then following some redesign was revised to achieve the Passivhaus standard. 

Fox Barn is a zero carbon development when considering energy demand and energy generation over the year. It incorporates passive solar gain from southerly orientation, superinsulation, triple glazing, airtight timber frame construction, no thermal bridging,  mechanical ventilation and heat recovery.  Renewables include solar heating for hot water and inset photovoltaics for electricity generation. 

Fox Barn has no boiler, no conventional heating and no bills and operates at 20 to 21° constantly. The house is light and airy and with no drafts or cold spots and is extremely comfortable.  The house has an A+ EPC rating.


We are very keen to help you achieve this exacting standard in your project and can demonstrate the real lifestyle benefits of living in a Passivhaus. 


Key features of passivhaus buildings:


  • Super insulation to achieve a U value of less than 0.1 5W/M2K

  • Windows: energy efficient glazing and frames should have U valves not exceeding 0.80 W/2K

  • Airtightness: air leakage through unsealed joints must be less than 0.6 air changes per hour at 50 pa 

  • Ventilation over 80% heat recovery from ventilation exhaust 

  • Total energy demand for space heating and cooling equals less than 15 KWH/M2

  • Total primary energy use for appliances, domestic hot water and space heating/ cooling = less than 120 kWh/m2/yr

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